AC units as part of a rehab

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Hey everyone,

I’m currently in the process of taking over a multi family complex and rehabbing a 2b/1ba unit and a 1b/1ba unit. The complex does not have central air and previous tenants were using portable AC units that we’re sitting in the window.

The units are in San Pedro, CA so it can get cool at night but still quite hot during the day. The market rent is about 2K for the 2b and 1700K for the 1B. Do you think it’s worth it to place AC units in the units? I think it looks cleaner but not sure how much cost this will add or how many AC units would be needed typically if you did that. This is also a buy and hold property. Thanks in advance for Any suggestions

What is the norm in the area? What do the nearby houses have?  What do nearby rental units have? 

Thanks for input. As a follow-up, with additional research,  I have heard good things about the minisplit option. If anyone has any good recs for an HVAC person that does minisplits in the San Pedro area or Southern California would love to hear. 

I personally really like the minisplit systems where the interior portion is mounted in the ceiling. IMO they are much less intrusive then when they are wall mounted.  

@Nitanth Vangala I also recommend mini-splits. They do not require duck work and free the windows up for the tenant enjoyment. We are renovating a 6-unit in which we removed the window and under a wonder (think motel style) air conditioner and replacing with mini-splits.