What is the Best Rehab Management Software?

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I know platforms like Buildium and Propertyware are popular for property management, but I am having trouble finding a software platform that effectively allows me to manage multiple rehab projects. I am looking for a platform that we can use to track the progress of a rehab from the moment we get it under contract until we either hand it over to the property manager (if doing a BRRRR), or sell it (if doing a flip). I'm envisioning something that would be a combination of a contact management, budget and expense tracking, document portal, and task tracking system. Does something like that exist? I've tried Rehab Valuator but it really only helps with budget and expense tracking, and not all of the tasks, contact management, and document management involved with rehabbing houses.

Hi Brennen.  How long ago did you try Rehab Valuator?  We recently rolled out Project Scheduler (Gantt Charts) and ability to create lender draw requests inside the software.  So you can budget, schedule, use in-app accounting to track expenses on each project in real time, draw on construction loans, and create reporting.  You can also store all bid and cost documents in the software.  Now I will say that general document tracking as well as contact management (including integrating with your subs and suppliers) is something we don't have yet.  I am adding to this functionality incrementally.  Any feedback you have for us is always appreciated!  

Hi @Daniil Kleyman thank you very much for the feedback. We are trying to find a platform where we can capture everything related to a specific property and its closing and rehab process. Task and contact management are a key priority, because there is always so much disorganized chatter via text, email, phone regarding a property's status, whether during the closing or rehab process. If Rehab Valuator were able to add functionality where tasks could be assigned to specific contacts and communication on those tasks could all take place inside the platform, that would be super helpful.