Flooring/countertops remodel suggestions

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Hi, I'm remodeling my first deal that I'm planning to use for short term rentals. What do you recommend for flooring and countertops?  I'm planning to do a cash out refi/heloc after remodeling so roi is a factor. Thanks in advance for all the awesome advise! Jess

Assuming you pan to hold and not flip, then durability/life span should weigh in heavily. That said, laminate is a much better option than carpet as Mike pointed out, stay away from carpet. For the wet areas like bathrooms and laundry, use tile.

As for counter tops, it depends on your area and the market. Quartz is the most durable for tenants (as is granite) which will give you the longest life span and ease of maintenance.

You can go with laminate or Vinyl plank (LVT) for the for the flooring.  My preference is LVT.  Both will go down easily and it is a good DIY project if you are doing it yourself.  When you consider countertops, I would go with Granite or Quartz.  Granite may stain so you would want to seal it.  Quartz would not need to be sealed.

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Jeremy - Registered Architect

@Jessica Esquibel , I am echoing the others, but also depends on the area/quality of property.  Tile in baths (likely obvious).  Tile or vinyl or an engineered wood can all be durable.  If you think your visitors are going to skew towards families, then vinyl is likely cheaper and more durable.  If it is more of an adult area, than engineered hardwood has a higher end feel and still durable.

I would go medium toned as too light will show all dirt, dust and crumbs, and too dark is not in style.