Energy Efficient Rehabs

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I am the only energy efficient specialist in Central Ohio that I am aware of. As I understand it EE homes are much more popular in California, New Mexico and Nevada right now.

There is a good bit of market interest in EE homes in Central Ohio, but as yet there are only a few examples in the area and the owners rehabed on principal, not for profit.

The question is this:
Are there any rehabbers out there who specialize in EE homes, and if so what has the market response been in your area. How much have you seen your bottom line improve over standard rehab projects?

I don't think it really matters where in the US you live, you should want to have an energy efficient home, if only to save on your rising utility bills. But why be a slave to your thermostate if you don't have to be, an energy efficient home is coming of age and recycling is not the old bottles and can, which by the way is a waste of your time.

We need to think very hard about minimizing the killing of our trees, by the way, in order to make a single stick home it takes about 1.5 acres of wooded land, trees. Miniminzing the manufacturing of cement which pollutes our air, water and soil and minimizing the need for more land fills with which to dump millions of tons of reusable materials. Ok, I've gotten a little carried away.

Think green!

I visited your site.... For this to take off people have to see the dollars and cents. Just telling someone that they can save/profit a substantial amount does not cut it. We as professionals must give freely of our time to educate and inform. Charging $75,000 for a book is not the way.


Patrick S. Lawson

I have thought of some ways to make housing more eff. When doing my rehabs I'm going to introduce the hot water tanks that heat water on demand.. Thus not using energy to maintain hot water, while not in use.. They are like $500 but could be a hugh selling point, JMO.. Plus they take up less area, because they are installed on a wall..

Last year the electric company in CT raised the rates by 25% or so, just last night the energy commission for the state authorized them to raise the rates another 50% over the next year. Yeah, energy efficiency matters a lot to me. :crying:

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