Biggest Pain Point with Lenders?

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Hi Hi -- Gabby Adrian here 
For those of you who have worked with Lenders for Real Estate Investments -- What have been your Biggest Pain Points with Lenders? Let me know below!! 

Areas which can be a pain include:

1) Minimum loan amounts (hate finding a great deal and then finding out the amount they lend has a minimum)

2) Points (be sure to run the numbers as points can kill the deal)

3) Miscellaneous fees (ask for full disclosure - have fond lenders with great terms and then underwriting or processing fees in the $1,000's)

@Gabby Adrian I have been using my local bank that I have banked with since I moved into the area, almost 25 years now. It might not be the best best rate but the application process has been fairly simple and while I have my primary loan officer it is not uncommon for me to send correspondence to his boss that I have known throughout the years who is the head of the mortgage department for all of their branches during the process too.

The biggest sticking point for me is that their online application portal isn’t the most user friendly and with various investments I have to enter in about 20 accounts into it with it glitching and going back to start and not saving things.

I’ve found that no matter what I do there’s no way to cut costs in my state on a closing and maybe that’s best but it’s around $5,000 every time.