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Trying to get a little bit organized with my projects. I currently have 3 rehabs going on and it starts to get a little hectic keeping contractors and materials and receipts and payments in line.   Is anyone using any Construction management Software like Buildertrend to help keep organized.  Who are you using and why do you like or dislike them?

We have Buildertrend, Quickbooks and have also used excel spreadsheets and basecamp.

BT is expensive and takes time to learn it. It also lacks many things but overall a decent option. For just 3 jobs at a time, use quickbooks or an excel spreadsheet. Easy.

I worked for a GC that used both buildertrend and internal systems for managing projects. Our work focused primarily on kitchen/bathroom renovations lasting 8-14 weeks. Having used both, I would have to say that Buildertrend, unless you devote lots of time and training can be very slow and clunky. As a small contractor our agility was key and BT made that difficult. We also had a horrible time getting subs to by into it. They are usually better at their trade then spending time on a computer submitting information and photo's for a project. I think you would be better off focusing on developing your own systems than paying for services of a construction management program. If you have more questions let me know I would love to help out more if possible!

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I tend to agree with Matthew above, BT is not easy to learn and subs will not get on the system. This is more for larger businesses. So with that said, an excel spreadsheet or basecamp would work for you as I stated above.

I’ve built my own system using Podio. It helps me stay on time, on budget and in control of all my projects. It allows contractors to communicate through the tools and it also tracks, reports and stores both material and labor expenses as they happen. Very easy to use.