Chicago Climate Guard or Private Window Installer

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Hello All!

I just purchased a property in Chicago that needs all new windows, about 60 of them. 

I do not have a lot of experience with replacing windows. I have used Climate Guard in the past for a few windows and was happy with the price and quality. However, I did not search around much. 

Does anyone know where Climate Guard sits in terms of price to value? With this amount of windows, savings could be meaningful. If you feel Climate Guard is expensive, any recommendations on installers? 

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

@Paul Garcia I have been pretty happy with Newtec windows. They are not super responsive over the phone and you do have to go to their site in Chicago to order, but the price has been 25-40% less than the other manufacturers when I price them out. For reference, I have been using their 500 series for rentals in the Berwyn and Cicero area. I have my owner installers as I pull the permits in house. 

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@Paul Garcia - Climiteguard is definitely a solid way to go - typically priced fairly and being that they manufacture here in Chicago their lead time is pretty good as well.  

However, the company we have gone with most often is Advanced Window.  I've never heard of @John Warren 's Newtec windows, but will also look into them myself because that doesn't sound like a bad deal either.  The one thing I have enjoyed with Advanced is their lead time is 6 weeks almost no matter what - even during the entire COVID mess they were on time.

@Paul Garcia I have begun using Silverline windows by Anderson for my last few projects.  Anderson bought them several years back and extend the same lifetime warranty as their higher end products.  They are a sturdy vinyl window with several options (grills, screens, color and so forth) and install nicely.  I have my own crew and we install ourselves.  Price range is on the lower end up to mid-priced depending on options.

If you need a competitive bid please message me, as my company August James Ltd, can do the install.  Good luck!