Flipping in Los Angeles

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Hi BP Fam! 

I'm very interested in learning about flipping properties in Los Angeles. Would love to connect with anyone currently doing flips in Los Angeles. Happy to help and find deals! I really just want to learn and bring something to the table as I learn. 



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@Will Barnard Hi Will! I honestly just want to get my boots on the ground and learn. Happy to help in any way I can simply to learn the flipping process hands on. Are you available to hop on a quick call this week to discuss? 

With exception of the marketplace forums, members are not allowed to solicit, request for contact, etc inside these forums. For educational purposes, it is best to stay active here and ask questions of others, the more y9ou engage the membership here, the more you will get out of it.

As for boots on the ground running, find a local investor flipper near you to learn from if they are willing. As an agent, you can bring something to the table by perhaps bringing off market deals, pocket listings, or even listings that you feel can be negotiated down to "create" a deal for the investor. Perhaps provide your market analysis to them for the exit for free in exchange for their free info back to you on how to operate a flip.

@Kasey Destache ,welcome to BiggerPockets, you are definitely in the right place. Just make sure to consume contents here as much as possible and feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help each other grow.