Boiler repair or replacement …

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We have a 32 year old boiler for a radiator heat system in the house. We found that the auto gill with backflow preventer piece was broken upon turning it in this year, so tank is not filling properly. The cost of installing an  expansion tank kit ( Expansion tank, auto fill with backflow preventer and air eliminator) is 1,100. The cost of replacing the boiler is 6,000. I know these things last forever but I’m not sure about replacing an expensive part on a 32 year old boiler. We just bought the place and expect to be long term buy-hold rental.

@Clare Yuritch

I have a seventy-year-old-plus boiler in excellent operating condition at one of my properties. $6K to replace a boiler of any size is CHEAP. But I would still go with the expansion tank repair. These things last absolutely forever with the right maintenance. It's not like a furnace.

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