Contractor problem w mountain house

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Hi everyone, 

I'm a newbie . I just got my my first STR property. The property is in Crestline, CA. We are doing some painting and bathrooms remodel. I was told that it is hard to find contractor that works on time and do good works. I was introduced to a contractor , he gave us a good quote but he never follow the time he quoted us. I was fast and good for the first week so he can get my money first. For an inexperienced person, I didn't know they are that off schedule. It has been 3 weeks after the days he was supposed to be done.

He came to work like 1-2 days per weeks.I called him but he kept giving excuses& kept pushing the project.Then he gave me attitude back that it is ok if I don't want work with him anymore. Now that he did half of the job. How am I gonna find someone and clean his mess?  Should I find different contractor? Anyone knows someone in the area?  

Im starting to paying mortgage soon. The clock is clicking. 

Hope to have some advice from you.

@Vu Truong  Have you paid the entire amount up front? Paying in installments in the future can certainly help and I believe it was David Greene in his book who used a "penalty/bonus" method that either penalized the last draw to the contractor or awarded them extra money by finishing on time. It sounds like the contractor took advantage of your niceness. There might be locals on this board to give recommendations but is there a REIA in your area? They would be sure to have a quality recommendation for you. I hope it works out soon for you!