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Hello ALL!  My wife and I along with our two kids just recently moved to the Fort Wayne area outside of Columbia City and I would love to learn more about the area and what the best neighborhoods you would recommend to invest in might be around the Fort Wayne Area.  I am originally from Michigan and have very limited experience with Indiana in general.  Any insights, advice, networking opportunities, etc... would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks everyone and have a great day!


Hi Lance!  Welcome to the Fort Wayne area and Bigger Pockets!!

What kind of investing are you looking to do here?

There is a meeting once a month on the third Saturday at 9:30 am at 2777 Sherman Boulevard.  You can attend one time free as a guest.

There are a lot of investors doing many different things in the area so a lot of wisdom flowing that they seem to be more than happy to share.

Wow! You guys/gals are awesome! I wasn't expecting such a quick response. Great to see there is some great support for the area and thank you all very much. @Camilla Sauder, that meeting sounds great and I will plan on being there this month. Thank you for the invite. As for the type of investing, I am interested in smaller multi-families and fix and flips right now to get started but would love to learn about any kind of REI. Quick question for the group: For buy and holds in FW area are there a lot of vacancy problems or not much of an issue? Thanks again for all of your willingness to help!

I would suggest the local r.e.i. 3rd sat of the month in ft.wayne at 930 am, located at the protech bldg corner of elmer n sherman near the zoo... great wealth of knowledge and resources.... if I can be of assistance please let me know 

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