Recommendation for a good agent in Fort Wayne

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Looking for a good agent in Fort Wayne area. My son is currently working in the area, so I am looking for a property to purchase for him while he is living there that I can keep as a buy and hold when he moves out.

@Kay Kay Singh Looking for 3/1 or 3/2 SFR . Don't really know to much about the areas there as I am in California. My son has been driving and looking around he seems to like the area of North Highlands and around Spy Run? I plan to take a trip out there in the next week or 2 to have a better idea. Ideally I am looking for something that he can stay in while he's there and do any work that needs to be done and keep it as a rental when he goes on to the next job.

North Highlands is a nice area, I have 2 houses in that neighborhood and lived there 10 years. Stay North of Spring Street. Spy Run can be hit and miss. If you need direction on good neighborhoods, etc. feel free to send me a PM.