New REIA / BP Meet-up starting in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

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Hey everyone in and around Fort Wayne, Indiana!

As you may know, we have one REI group that meets locally, and they do a great job! That said, I feel as though there's an opportunity to offer something different. I would like to share a few key things I would like see in a new group, and would also GREATLY appreciate your feedback on a few things, so please respond with your thoughts and suggestions!

Key elements of the proposed group/meet-up:

- ALWAYS free.  No charges to attend, EVER.

- Local Investors learning from and assisting local investors. (no focus on national speakers)

- Monthly meetings, likely on a week-night

- Will be more than just "hanging out for dinner"....will have an agenda, and will progress through misc. segments so as to make sure there's value for both experienced investors as well as the new investors.  (Monthly Topical discussions, Deal analysis, General Q&A, etc..)

Questions I need your feedback on!

1)  What night of the week is best?  Tue, Wed or Thurs?

2)  What time is best?  6p-8p?  Others?

3)  Where to meet?  Someplace with food/dinner, or is food not a big deal?

4)  What else would you like to see from this group?  What are you not getting today that we can help with?

Thanks everyone!  Please let me know what thoughts you have!  Once I get some feedback, I'll the meeting scheduled for October if possible!

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Great idea. I'm interested. I think some of these things will depend on how many attend. The bigger it is the harder food may be. If it's a more core group I'm sure we can pool our resources and contacts for a good place to meet. I may have some options depending on the size.

Yes! This is exactly what we need in Fort Wayne! Would love to help out in anyway possible! Can't really help with where but drew if you need any help getting this set up I'd be more than happy to help out. 

I haven't been to the other group that meets in FW, but I've been invited several times. With an active family, Saturdays are hard for me to attend. I have an interest in attending.

Food is not important to me. 7pm-9pm or 8pm-10pm might be better. Some people have church on Wednesday (not me). For me, Thursday usually works better than Tuesday, but that is always subject to change. I think you just pick a night and stick with it.

Drew- Food is not important to me.  6:30-8:30 would work best for me.  Pick a night.  It will not be perfect for everyone.  Thanks for doing this.  I think it is much needed.

Agree, Drew, much needed!  Don't do food and my preference would be a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening.  If anyone's subdivision has a clubhouse, that could work.  Some grocery stores even have small meeting rooms or the library. Keep me in the loop.

Hey Drew, I'd be interested in attending.  I agree just pick a date and time and see how many people can come.  Thanks for setting this up, looking forward to it!

I got a response from the main library and they said that they would have to charge a rental fee for our group since it is not a non-profit or government group.  The fees range from $40 per hour for theater style for 70 people and up from there.

I can contact several of the local branches as well and see what they say.

Updated over 2 years ago

No go on the library facilities because it has to be a non-profit to not get charged, but I just thought of the perfect place--SWEETWATER! We held Cashflow games there for awhile. They have tons of seating and it's free. They are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday until 9 pm. I've got a call into them to see if this is possible to do.

This sounds excellent. I have attended the local REI meetings and found them to be very beneficial but because of my work schedule (retail pharmacy) I am regularly unable to attend the Saturday morning meetings. Having an additional option once per month to meet with other investors would be fantastic. Tuesday nights would work best for me. I've reached out to my PM and a friend who owns a local business to see if they could provide a meeting space.

Hey guys!  I am sure you'll find it, but just in case you missed it, wanted to point you towards the official announcement/scheduling of our first meeting!  See this link for the details of our upcoming meet-up which can be seen in the "Events" section of BP!  Thx!

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