Evansville Change in Flood Zones

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I wanted to pass along some important info I ran across a couple of days ago.  It appears that there will be a change to flood zones in Evansville and Vanderburgh County.  There was public comment yesterday (here's blog post on the city website)


...and here's a link to the interactive map where you can type in your rental address and zoom in or out...


I have a rental that is going from a Zone X to a .2 Percent chance of flooding.  I purchased a flood policy today (there is a 30 day waiting period after applying for a policy) so my insurance will take effect April 1.  The Feds still recognize my rental as a Zone X so the policy will be less expensive this year (prior to the Feds reflecting the change).  Remember, the wettest month is usually May and the flooding is already going on...

I am out of State and figured other out of state investors would want a heads up.  I also notified my property manager as I'm not sure she was aware of the changes proposed either.

@Ed E.

Even better news. If you keep your X flood policy, you will stay at X rates. But don’t let it lapse for one second. Also don’t purchase private flood or you lose it too.

You can also transfer the grandfathering to the new owner. But it’s a tricky process.

Good luck.

Originally posted by @Micah Prellwitz :

Thanks @Ed E.  I was not aware of this.  Even more reason to not buy rentals south of the Lloyd Expressway!

 Haha....I have one on John Street by the University (practically on top of the Expressway) and I have one on the 1100 Block of South Harlan.  The Harlan house is the one that has a proposed zone change....it's the one that makes me most nervous about that sort of thing.

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