Looking for a SFH (and for an agent) in South Bend ,IN

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Hi Everyone,

My name is David, and I am new to real estate investing. I have decided to invest in South Bend IN.

My plan is to start out by purchasing SFHs, in a C class (and above) areas with a budget of 80K cash(All in).

Can anyone provide some tips for me?

Any special or unusual RE rules that I should be aware of at South Bend?

What are the best neighborhoods to invest in for buy&hold?

What are the worst (high crime areas)that I should stay away from ?

I would love to connect with agents and wholesalers that work with investors.

Thank you for your help.


@David Hershberg

Hi David! I’m a broker in the area. Much of my business is centered around investment. I’d be happy to connect to see if I can help give you an overview of the market here. I’ll send you a message and answer some of your questions there.