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Hey South Bend, 

I'm looking to invest in the area and was wondering if anyone could recommend some reputable professionals for me.  I'm looking for a reputable agent and property management agency that are familiar with working with out of the area investors.  Also looking for reputable contractors in the area.   Thanks in advance!

@Michael R. what type of property are you looking to purchase? I have a 20 unit in South Bend, and found that there weren't that many options on the property management side if you didn't buy an "A" class property by Notre Dame. I have held my 20 unit for about 1 1/2 years now, and could give you quite a bit of info about our management company (the largest in SB). 

@Vishal Didwania may be able to help with a local realtor as he seems to have found a decent one. 

Hey Good Morning guys,

@John Warren I'm open to both SFR and smaller multi's. I'm pretty experienced with SFR's now and am looking to move into multi's as I'm getting more experienced and wanting to move into better investments. I've been in the Fort Wayne market for a few years now with SFR's. A friend mentioned that South Bend might be a market ready to grow since there's revitalization going on. It really depends on a couple things: price and getting a good team in place to purchase, rehab as necessary, and rent out. I'm all ears for what you can tell me, or if I need to PM you i can do that as well. I'm new to BP so still figuring it all out!

@Vishal Didwania i'll be PM'ing you shortly. 

@Michael R. South Bend is a solid cash flow market. I think the main issue you are going to find is that there is limited inventory there, just like everywhere else. South Bend has a ton of sfr stuff though, so it is a good place for those. 

Feel free to PM me if you want to chat more offline about my property management company there. 

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