Looking for a tax adviser specializing in real estate investing

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I am looking for tried and true names of a tax specialist in north central Indiana that specialize in REI.

Wow...such empty....

@Phillip Witt have you considered posting this in one of the other forums? There just aren't that many folks on this South Bend forum unfortunately. I may have someone for you, but he is in Chicago. 

Thank you @John Warren for the reply. I did actually catch a past post about someone looking for the same in Indy and there were suggestions that one might not necessarily need to have a local tax specialist. As such I would be interested in hearing who anyone has used and would recommend no matter where they may be...assuming they are well versed in any special Indiana regulations.

@Phillip Witt

I frequent the biggerpockets forum often and while there are many CPA's/Accountants who are helpful in answering tax questions from real estate investors - I don't think any are from the Indiana area.

With that said - Technology now a days allows investors to connect with accounts across the United States. I think your goal should be to find a competent accountant who is well versed in real estate transactions.

Thanks for the reply/advice @Basit Siddiqi. I am pursuing just that!

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