Flying to South Bend next week and looking to network

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Hi Everyone,

I'm an active investor from Central California and have completed 100+ projects in my area over the last couple of years. I'm getting ready to start a new JV project which is going to bring me to South Bend, IN next week and I would love to be able to connect with other investors, agents, contractors, property managers, handyman, etc while I am there.

Our partnership has recently acquired 14 properties in Indiana and 4 of which are in the South Bend area and we will be starting work on those as soon as possible.  We will be there from Monday 8/26 through Wednesday 8/28 and am hoping to set up as many meetings as possible to get the lay of the land.

Coffee, lunch, drinks, etc are on me if anyone has time to get together....thanks in advance.  

Hi Jason, I’m an investor based in New York who is relatively new to the South Bend area myself. I closed on my first property in South Bend a couple months ago and we just finished rehabbing the house. I will begin renting the house starting in September. I will be back in South Bend next week to finish preparing the house and, assuming the timing works, would be happy to grab a coffee while you are there to share some of what I have learned about the market over the past few months and learn more about your business.

@Andrew Harrell @Stephen Sokolow What is your guy's availability on this coming Tuesday or Wednesday?  I can meet either of you wherever it is convenient

@Stephen Sokolow Yes I am interested in healthcare based real estate.  My wife is currently going through the licensing process to open in-home residential care facilities for the developmentally disabled.