NW Indiana Property Management Company Recommendation

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I live in Seattle and buying a 4-plex in Whiting, Indiana.  I am considering Reeder Company for property management.  There were very few reviews on Reeder available online, and of the handful of reviews, they were not very good.  

Does anyone have any experience with Reeder Company?  Do you have a recommendation for property management company in Whiting/Northwest Indiana?


I recently interviewed three management companies in Lake County, IN, Property Boss and Heritage Homes.  I was impressed with both of them.  I've heard of Reeder, but haven't researched them or dealt with them.  I ended up selecting Property Boss.  They have been managing for less than a week, so I can't really say whether they are better than the management company I left, which was CAPS. I used CAPS property management for several years and they did a good job.

Good luck on your choice!

@Paul Williams - thank you so much!  How did you research the 3 companies?  I was not able to find many reviews for any of the property management companies, unlike Seattle where people are constantly reviewing businesses. :)  

From my conversations with investors, the top 3 being used are Property Boss (Karen is awesome!), Rose Realty (Pam), and Q3. I do not have personal experience using any but I know the managers from local investment clubs and they all have a good understanding on the area. 

@Amy Greger and @Travis Weldon - sorry I just saw your note. I'm on BP regularly, but somehow overlooked your note.  Amy- I got references from a wholesaler that I know and trust, and I interviewed them.  I would get with your local investors/wholesalers/landlords and get refernces from them and then go a step further and interview the property managers to find out if they fit what you need.  For example, if you are buying B properties, you don't want an A property manager (they'll always be upgrading things that won't bring you a return and will have really high standards for applicants, and you don't want a D manager that does a good job in war zone properties, because your property will become run down.)  Make sure the manager matches the property.

Travis- CAPS was having growing pains, and I got frustrated with them during the process.  I would still recommend CAPS. Darrell and his team do a good job, and we are occasionally in contact.

We have used Q3 Realty in the past for 2 years and had a very negative experience to say the least. We were very new at the time and ended up learning the hard way. I don't recommend Q3 Realty at all. I will just leave it at that since there are too many negatives to list.