rehab friendly towns

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Hey all, I currently am working on my first deal in Hammond but going to be starting to look for my second deal in the next month or so.  Hammond is very strict in using only the registered in their town as general contractors for rehab.  Does anyone else know how the nearby towns work, with less restrictions on rehab permits and who you can use without passing a town licensed test? Im looking for deals but want to use more of my connections to do the rehab or myself instead of using someone that needs to be registered through hammond.  Can you list the towns that are more flexible? It would help lower my rehab costs dramatically.  

Griffith is a B. Merrillville is decent. Munster, Highland, Dyer also require contractors to be licensed in that town but easier to get licensed. Most towns require contractors to be licensed there although the tests and requirements to get licensed will vary. 

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