Investing in Des Moines from San Diego - need an agent and PM

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Hi! I'm new to Bigger Pockets, I'm a real estate broker in San Diego, focused on residential property management and sales. We will be visiting Des Moines mid-July to check out neighborhoods, etc. I'm looking for a lender, an agent and potential property manager referrals.... I've read through some of the older posts on this topic and just want to verify the recommended people are still your go-to people in this market. Thank you!

Hi Erin,
I've been using Liz Prue for a long time and she's been wonderful.  I know a lot of other investors, both here locally and from outside the area that use her quite a bit.  
I'll PM you her info.

I have been very pleased with Levi Franzen from US Bank, he just closed one for me that worked out really well.  He's on the commercial side (multifamily), what kind of property are you looking for?
I'm certainly no expert, but I'm actively investing in the market, so if you have any questions, I'd love to help!

Happy Hunting

I have an excellent real estate agent from Keller Williams Realty in Ankeny (just north of Des Moines by 7-8 Miles). She sells the entire area, and has won awards for sales numbers. Found me a duplex and a SFH this year and the duplex wasn’t even on the market. I’ve referred her to other BP members, and they’ve been happy as well. Send me a PM if you want her contact info.