Self Storage in and around Cedar Rapids

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Anyone in and around the Cedar Rapids area that invests in self storage?  I recently bought a facility outside of CR and looking to hear others experience in the area.  What kind of trends have you seen recently?  Is demand going up or down?

@James Seely

I haven't in self storage (yet), but there is a facility about ready to be built right next door to my appartments on the NW side of town.  I assume the invester that is putting this place up did their research and it told them that there is a demand in that area.  Hope that helps some.

I have 3 4plexes off of Edgewood and Johnson. The self storage place is going to go in right behind Guppys on the Go.  It's an open lot right now, but I went and talked to a surveyor that was on the property about a month back and that's what he told me was going in.

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