New To Cedar Rapids Iowa

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My wife and I recently moved to Cedar Rapids from Fargo ND.   We did a live in flip (before we found Biggerpockets :( ) and were just in the process of funding our next deal, when my company offered me a job here.   After a year of living here, we are finally ready to start working at our flipping business again.   

We found BiggerPockets a couple of months back and we have loved the information that we have found on here and wish we would have been on here before we started our last venture.   

We are hoping to get connected with others in the area and see if there are areas that we can help or get started.   We are currently looking for good investor real estate agents and accountants  that understand real estate investments.   

Looking forward to connecting to others in the area!  

Tyler Ebnet  

Welcome @Tyler Ebnet to BP and Iowa!  

Good to see you joining the community.  There are a ton of great investors that will help you build your team.  Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you in your journey!


Welcome to Cedar Rapids @Tyler Ebnet !

I also wish I would have found BP before I purchased my current house.  I love where I live, but also would have pursued the live in flip if I had to do it all over again.

I wish you the best of luck and keep us updated on what you find for your next flip.

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