Investory-savvy agents in the Quad Cities?

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I'm wondering if any investors in the QCA have suggestions for any real estate agents and property managers that you have experience with who you would recommend?  Preferably agents who have experience working with RE investors. I'm looking primarily for the Davenport/Bettendorf area, but will talk to anyone who is recommended and who operates in the QCA.  Thanks!

Posting this again to try and bump it up...does anyone have any good recommendations for an agent in Bettendorf, Davenport, Moline or Rock Island in the Quad Cities of IL and IA?  If not, I'll start making some cold calls...

Thank for any suggestions you've got!

Hey Jeremy,

I'm an investor who just moved to the area and I'm starting up as an agent. I've been spending 10 hrs a day studying the market, meeting with agents, and my mentor is the top producer in Geneseo and the QC. What can I help you with? What are you looking for and why QC? I just moved from College Park. We had purchased an amazing Mid Mod that we are renting now as we get it historically recognized and update and renovate it.

I am really late to the Game, I have been using Lisa Nauman. Not afraid of the icky houses.  What a class act.  Straight forward, and knows what she is talking about.

Yes Chris.... Actually I am looking right now as my first property sold last week and my second property closes tomorrow and I have to find replacement properties within the next 45 days.

I have around $28K to use towards a downpayment on one property and around $56K to go towards another one... both 1031 exchanges. I really have no desire to do a ton of maintenance right away, so looking for a "turn-key" type property with good cash-flow (COC ROI - 14% or more). Let me know if you have any current properties in the wings!!

I use Chris Kaufman with Keller Williams.  He has some rentals of his own.  Not sure what kind of investing you have in mind but I don't make a bunch of low ball offers.  He has a construction back ground too and knows a good PM, so he says.  I manage my own.  Tell him I referred you if you dare.