Foundation Repair Who's your Guy?

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Have my first deal in my sights but it needs major foundation repairs and an possible deal breaker on an otherwise great flip.  It's an old school basement with stepped in walls that are in good shape, but the old school cinder blocks similar to a crawl space wall are deteriorated and broken.

Anybody in Wichita,KS have a guy they would share? Or best to keep looking?

Thanks for the help,


Hey I'm in Wichita also. Did you ever find a guy to use and if so how was the experience?

@Thomas Nguyen I wish I had found that guy or company that I could recommend.  At this point I only have been able to come up with phone book companies.  The search continues... 

I like to use Neal's Construction.  Teresa is great to work with.

Originally posted by @Mark McCormick :

I like to use Neal's Construction.  Teresa is great to work with.

 Will Neals perform basement repairs?

Mark - coming across many properties to wholesale at the moment?

I used Kansas Basement and Foundation who put up I beams on a cracked basement wall in a rental that was starting to lean inward and leak water. The idea was to crank down on some bolts to add pressure to the beam to push the wall back out. This ended up actually moving the house and bowing the center cross beam in the basement. I ended up having G-Mac Construction (great company)  dig the outside of the basement wall down to the footing, I pushed the wall back out as far as I could using the I-beams, I cleaned the wall, I had a rubber coating sprayed on the the wall (a company recommended by G-Mac), I put in drain tile and G-Mac back-filled with sand then dirt. All said, this cost about $6,000  and will have to do the other side of the basement at some point.  With all that said,  if had to do again I would walk away from any property with a bad foundation. Without a good foundation you could be asking for problems and a big expensive problem. 

Neil's gave me an estimate to place beams and waterproof the basement on my current project.  The estimate was about $500 a beam installed but also offered other alternatives like some angle iron bracing to keep things in place.  I had already addressed the water problem created by a gutter dumping under a deck, and water pooling in low spots.  FWIW... As far as bowing walls in the basement, I watched a youtube video where someone dug their foundation out then used 6x8's bolted to the wall and floor along with a hydraulic car jacks and moved a large wall quite a ways,  then bolted angle iron to the rafters and sill plate.   

Will have to add those names to my basement list.

I have not tackled a project with a serious foundation issue, however think there is a lot of opportunity when those arise as it scares most people off.  What I'm getting better at as I go along is having an idea on what stuff costs and how to repair the issues.

Most of what I've found all starts with drainage issues - solve that problem - you've solved most of it.  Of course that sounds simpler than what it is, but I believe it's the basis of most problems.

My duplex has a wall that has bowed in a bit and had I known what I know now 10 years ago I probably could have prevented the little bit of movement that has happened.

On my list to do by this fall is install 2 french drains outside the house and I've been contemplating if I even need to add i-beams.  I'm inclined to think I dont.

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