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Hi folks,

I hope all is well.

Does anyone know of a good financial advisor in the Wichita, Kansas area?  Perhaps one with strong real estate knowledge, but also one who can advise my wife and I on a variety of other topics, including but not limited to her 401k, stock investments, college funds/trust funds for our 5 children, etc?

I appreciate your time.

I'd suggest spending about a week on ChooseFI website/podcast/facebook before jumping in with a financial advisor. It's an awesone finance community that can answer what you're looking for, free if charge. Even some solid REI investors there.

For example, in Warren Buffet's most recent shareholder call, he explained that decades ago when he started investing($115), if he would've invested simply into an S&P500 index, it'd be worth $600,000 today. He then added, with a 1% annual expense ratio that most advisors charge, that return over the same time period would have been cut in HALF. 

This is also well explained in J.L Collins' book The Simple Path to Wealth.

Good luck man!


I don't know one with strong real estate knowledge, but I do know a financial advisor that is good at his job as is a good guy that will put your needs first.  He's in Wichita. Message me if you want more info.

I’d ask whoever you are interviewing if they think you should be buying stocks right now and if they say yes you know they aren’t a good financial advisor.

P.S. Not a financial advisor. I like hard assets right now- In the words of Robert Kiyosaki, “Silver, atomic number 47. Gold, atomic number 79. Like it. God‘s money. And what I mean by God‘s money is it will be here when all the cockroaches are dead.“ I certainly like undervalued real estate too. I‘ve been holding cash in silver which is ridiculously low at $15 an ounce to watch it skyrocket like it did 2008-2011 to then go buy distressed real estate. Just my .02.

@Matthew G. ask any financial advisor if they are a fiduciary, if not then take anything they say with a grain of salt.  They are going to make money off of investments you make with them (in perpetuity if you leave the funds invested with them). If you want a financial expert that knows something about real estate investment find a chartered alternate investment analyst (CAIA).

In my personal opinion it is too easy to learn enough about what you need to invest in the market.  It all comes down to getting the right mix of index funds for your time horizon and risk tolerance; you don’t have to pay a financial advisor crazy amounts of money to do that; in fact you could just invest in a lifestyle fund that automatically rebalanced in the time horizon you are looking at.

As for an advisor who can do both.  I’d suggest finding a real estate investor as an advisor for real estate and another for the market. Don’t try to mix them into one person, I think you are eliminating a lot of great advisors on both sides in that case.

@Matthew G. Unsure if you got a satisfactory answer.

Used to do the finance roles. Sold insurance stocks before i sold out and retired.

How many have you vetted yet?

If it would be valuable to you let’s connect I can refer you to some people to talk to if you’d like. Or you can “pick my brain” eww.

But I’m local and if you’d bring a cigar or two we can chat till your happy on my deck as the apocalypse goes on.