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I'm looking for good property management companies. I know this is an OP forum but am looking for managers in several communities throughout NE Kansas (as far west as Junction City, South to Emporia, east to eastern burbs of KCMO, and north to St. Joe). It could be different companies for each community. Who do you use and like?

I've had the best luck getting good leads on PMs from subs working for me. My best, 10+ year sub referred me to a good pm company. Subs will also be able to tell you if they pay their bills quickly. If they trust you, they'll probably have some unique insights to the management company which no one else will have. 

As you probably know, you've still got to vet the living crap out of them. Asking about repair costs for me has been a big deal. If the management company is getting a bad deal on expectable repairs, like changing a furnace or air conditioner, that's a bad sign. 

Good luck


Thanks for the sound advice. When you say "subs" are you referring to subcontractors and if so how is it that they have insight on PMs?

Is there anyone out there in BP land that can recommend specific PMs in NE Kansas?

Yes, when referring to subs, the people on the ground, in the area doing work for you. I've found that good subs are more likely to give you better referrals - to people of similar values and character.  Vendors in the area may not be a bad idea either - bankers, realtors, things along those lines. 

If you haven't worked with a pm before, I'd strongly encourage you to require an opt out at any time with them. When it goes down hill, it goes very quickly. You don't want them holding you and your money hostage any more than you have to. Good luck with your search. 

I see what you mean Ed. My issue is that I don't even have subs in some of the areas I'm looking at so basically flying blind. Figured if I found turn-key PMs that people really like, they would already have established relationships with reliable subs, but I can see value in your top down approach as well.

Do you know any good subs in the Greater KC Area that I could reach out to about PMs?

Thanks again...

Sorry, I'm not in that part of the state. Are you using a realtor in any way to buy? Is your insurance agent in the general area? They be among a few starting points where there's a presence.  

Good luck with it! 

@Stanci March give Jeremy a call with PMI of Kansas City. Great reputation. Send me a PM for his contact info.

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