Kansas City - Where to invest

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Hi KC locals! I am looking to sell a rental property here in Denver and move the cash into some rentals in the KC area. Can anyone provide some decent areas where one can find greater than 1x rentals that are in the 75-125k range? I've heard Waldo, Liberty, close to KU Med as possibilities. I will be visiting later this month and would like to narrow down my search some. I'm not afraid to look into a gentrifying area if some appreciation potential exists but mostly interested in cash flow at this point. Thx in advance.

I think you'd also find the Grandview and Raytown markets solid. The older part of Lee's Summit (zip code 64063) also has some at the top of that range and it's a great growing city. Also, some parts of Blue Springs in the east and Olathe, in Johnson county is similar to Lee's Summit in that way. 

@Dan Torluemke personally, I like the areas east of the 435 loop. There are a lot of good rental areas in Independence, Raytown, South Kansas City, Belton and Grandview. For appreciation potential, I would take a close look at the area around the old Bannister Mall which is the site of the new Cerner project. This is the largest commercial development project in the state of MO and is expected to create 16,000 new jobs. Do a Google search on Cerner Trails project and you will find a lot of information. We sell turn keys in all of these areas and some of them are lterally 5 minutes from the Cerner project. These are mostly solid B class neighborhoods with prices in the mid $80K to mid $90K range and rents from $950 to $1000. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to talk.