Kansas City neighborhoods with ARV's of 60-80K

4 Replies | Kansas City, Kansas

I'm exploring Kansas City for possible investing in SFH's. I flip lower priced homes, as well as buy and hold so I'm curious if there are any strong rental neighborhoods you can recommend with homes with ARV's in the ballpark of 60-80K?

@Jason Carter I know a few strong areas.  We picked up two in the last few months.  One for $40k and the other $46k.  I put $9k in one and $7k into the other.  Appraisals at $85k (all in $49k) and $75k (all in $53k).  Rent for $875 /mo and $845 / mo.  Shoot me a note and I'd be happy to put you in touch with some of my contacts here.   

@Jason Carter It depends on what you consider strong rental neighborhoods. Can you find tenants in this class of neighborhood? Sure, but you're not going to find good one, especially at the low end of that price spectrum. Kansas City is a good cash flow market but we stay away from the low end asset class. The tenant hassles, turn over and damage are just too high to make it work,

I have current  inventory in Kansas City and Cincinnati/Dayton. If you would like access to our full inventory list please send over the best e-mail I can reach you at.