Homeriver group property management KC

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I know the owner of the company and they manage a lot of units. They have great systems and really know what they are doing. @andypropst was on a BP podcast as well

Thanks for the post @Tracy Streich .  I heard the podcast and andy did sound like he runs a great company and his core values jive with mine.  But operating on such a large scale requires personnel in different cities and Im not sure if this is translating to KC, so i really want some input from people with experience specifically with that local team on a granular level

@Phil LeNeveu , I've been using Kansas City Property Solutions for 8 properties and so far they have been doing a good job.

If you contact me when you're ready to start purchasing more properties here, I'll let you know what I have available.

I've got one rental with them. Mediocre at best. Poor communication and high turnover on the account staff assigned to me. Will not put another rental with them and am seriously considering pulling the one I have.

I had one SFH with them in Indy. They were horrible. Terminated the contract after about a month and a half. Communication was poor, and they never even attempted to collect the rent. Put a new PM in place and haven't had an issue since (knock on wood).

I looked at my contract with them and they have a $400 cancellation fee if you cancel before a year.   I’m wondering if you were charged that since my experience has been the same thus far