Namaste KC community

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Dear fellow KC community,

Happy Friday.

I am an investor from San Francisco bay area, and new to Kansas City market and looking to invest in KC. As of now looking to invest in SFR but also keeping an eye out for fourplexes (understand they are a rarity given the market). Buy and Hold strategy. I have already setup alerts for the area, and have been doing some reading on this forum for the past couple of weeks to get a sense of things.

I am looking to connect with fellow investors, and somewhat urgently in need of a real estate agent, and GC who could work with me on a long term relationship basis. I am closing in on a SFR in the next few days in KC, MO. Any of your suggestions or referrals welcome.

I plan to be in KC tomorrow until may be Tuesday. So, if any of you have spare time for a quick meet (coffee, lunch, dinner) and greet or a phone call, just ping me. I am a big people person and would love to meet as many of you as possible and hopefully get a heavy dose of local RE happenings.  My calendar as of now is fairly open during my KC visit.

Looking forward to it. super excited..