I'm a fairly new REI in NOLA. I've been renting out the other side of my shotgun for four years and recently purchased a duplex in a nice, safe residential (but lower income)neighborhood in the East.

I can rent it out without Section 8, but should definitely be able to get more rent if I accept Section 8.

I've read posts on here on about the pros/cons of Section 8 in general, but I would really appreciate hearing from any folks who have or had experience renting to Section 8 in specifically the NOLA area.

Good idea?  Bad idea?  Is the local office difficult/easy to deal with?  Do the tenants tend to always be terrible or be a mixed bag?

Although the duplex I purchased was not gutted, it did need a lot of rehab.  I know I'd be super bummed if all the painting, new flooring, and a thousand other improvements I've made got trashed with my first tenants for the property!  Though I do realize that is always a risk when being a LL.