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Hey all!

My sister and her soon to be husband successfully couples matched for doctor residencies in New Orleans! They will be moving there in the next couple months for the next five years at least.

My sister will be at LSU and he is going to Ochsner Clinic.

Any suggestions on which neighborhoods/zipcodes to live would be greatly appreciated! Also, does it make more sense to buy or rent for those 5 years? I'm starting the research too, but would love to hear from those with feet on the ground.



Hi @Andre Crabb . I am both an investor and a realtor in New Orleans. I would be happy to assist your sister and her soon to be husband. I can fill you/them in on the state of the market here and guide them in the right direction. The market here has changed recently so I can show them how to stay ahead of the curve. Shoot me a PM and I'll give you my cell number.


From an investor point of view and from a local's point of view (I love my city!), I would look in the Mid-City area for a good place to live. Property values are increasing, neighborhoods are great. If they buy here - even if only for 5 years - I would get a good multi-family, probably a double. They could talk to a few of their peers and find out where they are living. As doctors, they are already in a good network of folks that will be a good future buyer or lessor (if they buy the double). Plus, you almost can't go wrong with a good double in New Orleans.

I hope this helps a bit. Congrats to them! (coincidentally, I just went to my sister's match day in Massachusetts! She's staying up there with her soon to be husband doctor guy too!) I love to chat about NOLA so If i can further assist, please don't hesitate to reach out.



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