New Wholesalers in the New Orleans Area

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Hello Everyone, 

I'm Quintinn and I am fairly new to wholesaling. I've been listening to a ton of bigger pockets podcasts and have done tons of reading to educate myself. Just looking for new local wholesalers in the area that I could bounce some ideas off of. Maybe we can grab a coffee and just network.

Welcome!  Im not in NOLA at the moment, coming down in early Feb to ride out the PA winter.  Check out NOREIA, they meet right in Metairie a couple of times a month.  Good luck!

Hey @Quintinn Payton . If you are looking for advice I would suggest seeking out experienced wholesalers, not newer wholesalers. New Orleans has a TON of wholesalers (too many in fact) and the vast majority of them don't know what they are doing. I can tell you without a doubt that they can't accurately calculate an ARV or rehab cost...

@Quintinn Payton

I agree with @Braden Smith . There are too many wholesalers in NOLa that have no clue about what they are doing. I would advise attending the NORIEA meetings and asking investors what they are looking for. There are meet-ups on the North Shore and in Baton Rouge. Get to know the buyers and see what they are looking for. Find a deal, Post it on Bigger Pockets, Facebook or your Social Media platform of choice. Buyers will come to you.

Take caution in securing your buyers list. Maybe ask two simple questions 1) Why do you want to be on my buyer's list? 2) How many properties have you bought over the last "x" months? Some wholesalers offer their addresses pretending to be a buyer. When you send a deal, they float it out to their buyer's list without asking your permission. As an investor, it's frustrating when you are interested in a property but there are 3 to 4 layers of "middlemen" before you can get to the deal.

Good luck. Be a professional, MARKET your business and hold yourself to the highest standards possible. I don’t drink coffee but I am always available for a bowl of gumbo.

@Braden Smith Yes, that post was actually for experienced wholesalers. Should have reread that before posting it. I myself have been doing a lot of research into learning about calculating an appropriate ARV and estimating rehab costs. I have been trying to take this journey of mine a day at a time by absorbing knowledge that will help propel my real estate investing career.

@Ron Collins I actually had some seafood gumbo today now that you mention it. Yeah i should have edited that post before submitting it. Doesn't make any sense talking to new wholesalers at all. I've really been focused on learning a lot about estimating rehab costs. I know that is a key element in arriving at an appropriate MAO. Just have been trying to network in the meantime.

Hi @Quintinn Payton I'm getting started in wholesaling in the NOLA area. I've been to a couple of the NOLA REIA meetings. It was helpful to meet some investors and get their perspective (@Braden Smith I think I have one of your cards actually). I'm available this weekend for coffee. Message me if you'd like to meet up and chat!

Hey Quintinn Peyton, 

I am trying to get into wholesaling. I have been doing research left and right about wholesaling.  I have done to much research and not enough action. We should meet and see if we could bounce ideas or motivate to make some move.