Best Broker for New Real Estate Investor/Agent

4 Replies | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I'm a new investor in Baton Rouge. I recently finished real estate school and jumped through all the regulatory hoops... now I'm just looking for a broker to sponsor my license. Any advice on the best brokerages in Baton Rouge for residential real estate investors?

I already have another business, so I am not planning to become a full time real estate agent. I just want access to the MLS and more control over my deals. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks BP Nation.

Hi Melissa, I'd be happy to help in regards to license law and rules and regs but I can't really recommend any local brokers. Although, I can tell you if we've ever taken any disciplinary action against them :-) Good luck!

Congratulations for getting your license @Melissa Landry , I think it's a great move for you as an investor.  I recommend that you talk to the team leader at the KW office in Denham Springs, if that's not too far out of the way for you?  The owner of that KW franchise is the same owner of the Lafayette KW office where I have my license.  

Generally, Gary Keller, the man at the top, follows a "we are here to support your brand" philosophy.  They don't treat agents like employees, but like the independent contractors we are. It's a mutually beneficial relationship and you are free to make your own decisions what to spend your time and efforts on and they provide tons off training and broker/agent compliance to keep all matters in line with the rules when you process transactions.  I like it that way.   Give them a shot!