Baton Rouge - Where to look

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Just curious if anyone would be willing to share which neighborhoods or areas they think are good for investment. I've been focusing on newer SFH with rents of 1700-2000 in south BR but find that good deals in this area are harder to come by. Also there are several neighborhoods cropping up in this area. What's everyone else's opinion on these new constructions?

@Karen W.

Can you be more specific about which new neighborhoods you are referring to? I invest in homes that rent for $1500/month with ARV $140,000- $160,000. I recently acquired several flooded houses that fit this description for between $65,000-80,000. Most of these homes are in neighborhoods that were built in the mid 1980s, but are still new enough to be in good shape.

Also I am curious how much time you get to spend in Baton Rouge and do you live in CA?

We have found any area is a good investment if  the seller is motivated and the property has high equity.