Investors in the Baton Rouge Area

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Hey everyone!

I am a newbie at real estate investing (very new). I wanted to reach out and see if there are any investors in the Baton Rouge area that would like to connect and know of any meet ups happening soon. I am looking to make some great connections in the area! 

@Emily Lord hi Emily! Welcome to biggerpockets and investing! I am in Baton Rouge too and would love to connect. I have a fourplex and a single family that I have BRRRRed and love talking real estate!

What are your goals?

@Travis Steinemann Hi Travis! Thanks for reaching out to me so quickly. My first goal is to to house hack, whether it's through a duplex or single family property. I am moving out of my apartment this summer and plan to start looking for my first property within the next month or two. My long term goals are to BRRRR with single family and multifamily properties!

@Emily Lord great plan! Start planning early. Get pre-approval for a loan if you are going that route, the market is very competitive right now. Or you can look for off market deals, find a place you think would work and look up the owner. There are lots of options if you are serious.

Happy to get coffee and chat real estate!

@Emily Lord like Travis said. Even with the market as hot as it is, there are always opportunities to be had for an investor. My name is Jonathan and I am a local investor in BR. My wife and I have just bought our first big renovation/house hack that we’ll flip in a couple years. Looking for small multi next. Homes are everywhere! I work as a realtor here in BR so we’re always watching the market. I’m open to hopping on a call if you like.

Welcome to BP!

I'm just getting started (trying to work out my first property in the next month or two) as well, and am in the Baton Rouge area. I'd love to hear from people and exchange ideas. I'm interested in single and small multifamily as well. And, hot though the market may be, it actually seems more ideal to me than other areas I've lived and looked at in recent years, so I'm hoping to get moving soon here.

Welcome everyone! I'm in Baton Rouge as well and would love to connect with other locals. I own 8 units and under contract for my 9th. Also just sold my first flip. I'm hoping the local REIA (the RING) starts back up again soon, but in the meantime I'd love to have coffee with anyone else who's up for it, especially now that I'm fully vaccinated (woohoo!).