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Hey Baltimore BP,

Has anyone worked with AIive investments before?  They're a turn-key property operation in Baltimore and I'm curious to know another person's experience.  Thanks!

Don't do it. I purchased a property from them in June of this year. It was supposed to be completed in 30-45 days. I was told the property was finally completed in September and they were showing it to potential renters. After 2 months I contacted a different PM to go take a look at the property. What he found was incomplete work and the work that was completed was extremely bad. Luckily after several attorney and lawsuit threats they are buying the property back. I do have another good turn key provider that's finishing up another rental for me. PM me if you are interested or I can answer any more questions about Alive.  What I previously wrote was just scratching the surface.

Well, that's a pretty bleak picture.  Thanks for the information!

I just want to point out, unless you have a very good and expensive contractor and a great plan, its very hard to finish a full rehab in 30-45 days in Baltimore City, especially if there is anything wrong with gas or electric. You must get the proper permits, get your property certified lead free, and make sure whomever you deal with pulls a Use and Occupancy permit if the city considers the property abandoned.

I am a wholesaler here in Baltimore and have sold them a handful of properties. They are a good hearted people but very disorganized.

@Josh Nicodemus I try to see the best in people as well; however, the folks at Alive lied to me about both of my properties the second we closed. They refused to take my calls and left my property totally incomplete and I had to get an attorney involved just to get a call back from them. I know of at least a handful of other investors who have experienced the same treatment. They have also refused to pay contractors as well as their salespeople. I personally would not consider this behavior of good hearted people and definitely not attribute it to just being disorganized. 

I just added to the ripoff report, as I'm unfortunately in the same boat as @Gabriel Ugarte . I invested with Alive Investments with the hope of receiving a cash flowing property after the 2 month rehab period. They have strung me along for the past 6 months, making multiple excuses as to why my investment property is not complete. I am angry, disappointed, but most of all embarrassed I entered into a partnership with these guys. To any potential investor reading this, steer clear and investment your money elsewhere. They continue to hold my money and property hostage, and have crossed the line into fraud with what they portray on the phone and on the internet. I'm making it my personal mission to steer my network away from Alive Investments and hold them accountable to the commitments they make to their investors.

@Chandler Spence , sorry to hear about your bad experience. What would you do differently to vet your turn-key provider in the future? Are you invested in Baltimore otherwise? Thanks for sharing your results.

@Gabriel Ugarte @Chandler Spence , sorry to hear about such an experience. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe you guys may be using Celebration to help fix your situation. Would love to discuss your experience thus far and get your thoughts!  Would definitely love to connect either through phone/private message to ask about some quick questions.

@Jeffrey J. PM me and I will give you my cell if you would like to speak. Take care. 


Im sorry about your losses.  I work in the baltimore area.  Its a great area with the right people.  I do property management though I do know a few contractors and have had experience in renovations to a duplex.  It came out well and is cash flowing for me.  In the Baltimore area you might try purchasing in the county where the taxes arent outrageous.  The properties are in solid c neighborhoods which means you can cash flow a good amount.  A turnkey property can be in the low 100s and cash flow around 500 with little to no work on a conventional down payment with solid property management and which leads to minimal vacancy.  You dont have to settle for section 8 if you dont want it which leads to less headaches.  Many applicants from these neighborhoods will need to be turned away but if the price is right you can still cash flow effectively with the right people.


Noticed this alive company owns two houses i drove by and took interest in them working on. Looked it up to find out. One was sold to a client? Other they still own. Checked their website and phone number to ask about it, both are shut down...are they out of business now? Does anyone have contact info for them??

I recently discovered a company called "Thrive Development Group" in Baltimore which seemed too good to be true. I tried to do some digging online about the company, and I couldn't find anything at all about it. When I searched on the owner, Sean Wrench, I discovered @Chandler Spence 's rip off report and saw that Sean Wrench was also the founder of Alive Investments, and that the address is also the same as Alive Investments. Based on this, it seems that Sean Wrench renamed Alive Investments to be Thrive Development Group.

Chandler - I'm sorry to hear about your experience, but thank you very much for making that rip off report. It was the only way that I was about to make this connection.

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