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Hello everyone! great to be on such educative forum, I would like to attend real estate events in the Baltimore area, just to network & share information with other investors, I'm in the Glen Burnie area, any ideas of upcoming events will be deeply appreciated. 



@Olabisi Adebayo Lots of groups in the Baltimore area, just Google them

  • BWI Meetup
  • Real Deal Meetup
  • CAZA
  • Baltimore REIA
  • MDREIA  - I will be speaking there next month.
  • There is a Meetup in Columbia
  • Lastly best for you is a very good group in Glenn Burnie. Anne Arundle REI meetup

I am sure I have missed others

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Hi there,  check out the Bigger pockets events section. I posted one there that is happening next week. Good luck! 

@Olabisi Adebayo Everything Ned listed... Join and you'll find all those listed there and can see their schedules and sign up for each event. There is also a rehabberpro meet-up that meets up once a month at a location of a rehab - could be a rental or a retail flip - and the all the details of the deal and rehab are discussed.

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