Newbie questions in Baltimore

4 Replies | Baltimore, Maryland

I am newish to the real estate game in Baltimore. I've visited the city and done alot of research and bought two houses both rented with great ROI's, even with property managers in place. Closing was last week. Does anyone know what I need to send to the renters to inform of new owners? Does it change if I keep the property managers and I just inform the managers?

As long as the property managers know where to send the checks you should be fine. One of the reasons to enlist the services of a property manager is to insulate you from the tenants. So in this case, as long as the property management is the same you should be fine.

I always suggest to my investors send a welcome packet and/or gift to new tenants once they close on the property. You can keep the same management company but i would ask them a few questions to make sure they run a quality business.