Good real estate attorneys in Baltimore County or Baltimore?

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Hi-my husband and I are reluctant landlords and are considering all options regarding our rental property (selling, property management, etc). We are also having problems with our current tenants and recently gave them 60 day's notice to vacate (the lease expired and they are now month to month). I would like to speak with an attorney who is well versed not only in landlord-tenant law but also has knowledge regarding the tax implications of selling (we would most likely be selling at a loss). Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance! 

@Rebecca Sandham you are asking from two different things. The tax You should ask a CPA about the tax consequences. As a general rule, don't ask Accountants legal questions and don't ask your lawyer tax questions. Yes there are tax attorneys but that is a are specialty who likely would not know much about landlord tenant law. 

There are "rent court agents" that can handle evictions for much less than an attorney would. Google should find them. There are several in the Baltimore area.

An attorney who specializes in landlord tenant and collections is Jeffrey Tapper in Owings mills.  A good general purpose real estate attorney in the county is Jeff Charlow of Masters title and Escrow in Towson.  My accountant is Jeff Stoller of Goodwhich Stoller and Associates. I highly recommend him.