Thinking About Investing in Barclay (Baltimore)

2 Replies | Baltimore, Maryland

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to invest in a SFH in the Barclay neighborhood in Baltimore and am curious what you guys think.

It seems like a decent prospect for appreciation and cashflow since it's situated between JHU and Penn Station and is the site of a fairly substantial development project (Telesis), but I understand the strength of the deal will be determined by what price and condition I acquire the property at. 

I'm looking at the southern part of the neighborhood, specifically. Just wanted to know what everyone's thoughts are.

Thanks in advance!

Barclay is a microcosm of Baltimore City. It is possibly the most block by block neighborhood I know. For that reason, it really depends on what street/block you are on - the price differences can be pretty dramatic. I actually own a property there (2100 block of Barclay St) and a good friend of mine owns a house there as well (300 block of E 22nd St). Even those two properties are only about a block away from each other, they almost seem like different neighborhoods. 

As you can guess from my owning property there, I like the area quite a bit. The more challenged parts (to the east) are solid cash flow areas that seem to be in the path of progress (new apartment buildings, city-built homes, Penn station redevelopment, etc). Long story short, I encourage you to consider that area and also be aware that comps are very difficult there so make sure the numbers make sense.

Hope that helps!