Baltimore Rental Regulations

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Hello! My question is about Baltimore rental regulations. I rehabbed a home in Arcadia (Hamilton/Lauraville) and was going to try and sell it but I don't think I will get what I want for it right now. It's a fairly large SFH - 4 (almost 5) bedrooms and I got some push back from my neighbors when I posted the Craigslist rental ad on the neighborhood Facebook group, seeking to rent out the rooms individually. Apparently It was the talk of the town! I know I can rent up to 4 unrelated persons but do they have to be on the same lease as a "family" or can they have separate leases? I am a bit confused as to how this does not qualify as a boarding house. I spoke to someone at zoning and they weren't very informed.. Appreciate any help! Thanks

@Natalie Nelson According to the Baltimore City Zoning Code, those 4 unrelated persons would need to be under a single lease.  If they are not under a single lease it is considered a "rooming house"...which is probably not permitted but check your zoning here.

The Zoning Code says a rooming house "contains 3 or more rooming units a primary residence by individuals who, even though they do share common areas and facilities, do not form a single housekeeping unit and do not provide compensation under a single lease for occupancy of the facility"

Look at pages 47 and 80 of the PDF.