First-Time Baltimore Landlord

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Hey everyone,

I'm a brand new property owner in Baltimore, MD and am curious about what everyone's checklist is for important documentation related to your rentals (i.e. business licenses, lead certifications, etc.). I just wanted to make sure that I'm not missing anything.

Also, I'm always in the market for property manager and contractor recommendations, so if anyone here has any of those, please don't hesitate to chime in.


I think the answer depends on the Landlords goals. For ex; Landlord only rents one house so they don't get Business name. However the lead inspection is still a necessity to rent out the house. 

In addition you want to make sure you register your rental with the state and get an inspection by a state registered inspections agent (new to baltimore city)

@David Johnson

Off the top of my head

  • Register/rental license for the property with Baltimore city
  • Get property inspected for above registration
  • Alarm registration if you have one
  • MDE lead registration
  • Get lead certificate for above
  • Get lead inspection for above
  • Lease that includes required wording for security deposits
  • a separate bank account for security deposits
  • Lease signing pkg
  1. Lease
  2. unit pre-lease inspection
  3. Federal lead disclosure form
  4. booklet -Protect Your Family from lead in the home
  5. MDE booklet notice of tenants rights

Not a complete list as I said off the top of my head.