Rehabbing properties in Baltimore City

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I wanted to rehab a property in Baltimore City. I just need to know the rules and regulations dealing with restructuring, renovating, permits, zoning, plans and registrations in the rehab process. I don't want to be fine or have a problem arise that could of been solved earlier. Be free to give all your knowledge please. My property will be near Johns Hopkins if you know any specific criteria for rehabbing in that area, I appreciate it. 


1) Hire yourself a licesend contractor who is experienced working with investors/flippers in Baltimore City.  Don't go it alone if this is your first one.

2) Is your property near the Hopkins Homewood Campus, The Hospital, or the Medical School (or one of the many other Hopkins Buildings in Baltimore)?  Some neighborhoods do have specific historic preservation rules (I'm thinking specifically of the neighborhoods to the north of the Homewood Campus), but I can't advise on that without knowing your location.

Good luck!

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@Shepard Solomon Take a trip down to 417 E. Fayette st. Depending on what type of project you are doing in reference to renovations they should guide you in the right direction. If it has anything to do with rezoning talk to Katrice in the zoning department she's very knowledgeable and helpful. 

@Shepard Solomon What ever you do...pull permits for everything! Especially plumbing. Don't play around in Baltimore without any permits. You can pull your building permits yourself, get the contractor or sub to pull the other three (Mechanical, electrical and plumbing). And just look out for the historical preservations in some neighborhoods like the above mentioned