Multi Family in/near the Baltimore area

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I look on Zillow and Redfin and hardly see any multifamily houses in Baltimore and Harford Counties. Is house hacking mainly achieved by renting out rooms in a SFH or condo or am not looking hard enough?

@David White Not sure about Harford county, but within Baltimore City I found them to be much rarer than originally anticipated. 

There are a few that are storefronts with units upstairs that could be renovated into just residentials, but that wasn't something I was looking for. 

I achieved a cash-flowing househack in a SFH in Fed Hill.

Perhaps connect with a few regional real estate agents who understand your strategy and they can set up email alerts for small multi units.  

I know several investors who specialize in renting rooms usually in low income areas w/ transient month to month, week to week tenants.  There are a few property managers that specialize in this as well.  You could seek them out to get leads coming your way.  Good luck!

I agree that they are out there, but they are few and far between (at least legal multi units).  You'll find more in Baltimore City then you will in Baltimore County or Harford County.  Check out neigborhoods with large row houses (i.e., "brownstones") that have been chopped up into apartments over the years.  Specifically I'm thinking Madison Park, Reservoir Hill, Bolton Hill, and Mid-Town.  Good luck!