Broker affiliation strictly for MLS access and seeing properties?

1 Reply | Baltimore, Maryland

Hi BP. I just passed my MD Salesperson exam earlier today and am wondering what a recommended brokerage affiliation would be if I only intend to access the MLS and occasionally go look at houses that I would consider for personal investment properties. I have no plans to quit my day job or anything like that, but I figured getting my license would give me a little freedom as far as being able to check out the MLS and see houses without coordinating with my realtor.

Alternatively, if this is a stupid idea for a reason that hasn't occurred to me yet, please let me know.

Taylor, Douglas, Samson, Fairfax are all no name brokerages with low fees to hang your license at if you feel like you wont really be doing any business.

The other question the juice worth the squeeze. MLS fees, board fees, license fees, sentrilock fees, e&o adds up to thousands per year to maintain your license. Getting into properties, sure thats nice...the MLS...not all its cracked up to be. Im a full time agent, one of the top ones in the DC area and I dont even use the MLS all that much. I use 3rd party sites that show houses on a google map because they have better interfaces than the MLS.