Market for rentals without Central AC in Baltimore?

6 Replies | Baltimore, Maryland

Hi All, what are your thoughts on rentals in either City or County that have no Central AC? Targeting parts outside of the high crime areas. 

Quite a few of the properties I come across have no central AC, so curious if you find that they rent fairly easily, or if installing central AC is a prudent thing to do to get better tenants? 

I'm leaning towards the latter, just curious what others are seeing. Of course having central air would raise rents a bit.


I'm from Massachusetts and from what I can see and my own experience, it isn't a deal breaker. We have been using window units forever or even the free standing units. Many older homes up here don't even have the duck work so to add central AC it could cost huge amounts of money. I wouldn't bother, it's not Florida lol.

It is very very common to have rental units without Central Air units, especially in older homes. I would say that it is not a deal breaker for tenants but you can certainly charge more for those upgraded units if you choose to install them in your rentals. 

Thanks so much for the feedback! I did see some clever wall mount units that are pretty slim, I think those could be a good alternative too. I agree, running ductwork would definitely add to the cost. Most properties I'm seeing here have central heating, so thankfully ductwork should be covered for the most part.

Being a Baltimore resident myself, it is HOT in Baltimore in the summer. Having central A/C will definitely improve the marketability of the unit. Window units are a necessity, at the very least.