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Hi all,  if a place is zoned for multi and it is currently in use as RESIDENTIAL, what would be the process for converting it to a multi?  Not asking about construction, but about the paperwork of it all.

Thank you!!

To change zoning you need city/county planning desk to approve. Not knowing where you are talking about here are some details: The property must meet health and safety codes, it must fit the General Plan, it must be contiguous with use on the street and the tract, not cause parking problems, not cause utility stress, neighbors can object, you may need architectural or engineering, plans, specs, drawings to submit with your proposal, there may be a public hearing, it costs money, you will want to walk the neighborhood to convince the people tp the left right and rear to be on your side... Start with: title company plat map, go belly up to planning desk and talk about your idea.

Needs more information, but generally, in Baltimore City, a single-family dwelling located in a residential zoning district can only be converted to multi-family (2 or more units) in the R-7 through R-10 zoning districts. Then, if in the R-7 or R-8 Zone, you also need conditional use approval by way of City Council Ordinance. 

So in R-7/R-8 first step would be councilmember; otherwise, you can put in for building permits in R-9/R-10. 

There are talks that there will be a push to loosen restrictions some with some changes in the Zoning Code to make it easier to add ADUs and do conversions, but we'll see if that works...  

Per my conversation with DHCD.....

The City has not developed a system large enough to advise the public of all the updates to current use of any given property. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry regarding a current use of any property located in Baltimore City.

You may use this link for the Zoning Map which will provide information on the zoning designation of any property in the City. Here’s the link:,%20Baltimore,%20Maryland,%2021202



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My question is are you really converting anything?

It is zoned multi-unit, assuming you have not checked the history of it, or anything done in the property, only thing we know current person is using it as a single family, he removed the kitchen and use that as a room.

Why would you go city council for it ???

Hey @Ozzy Sirimsi , a property I was looking at was zoned c-1 but the use is what I was trying to determine.  the ppl that are selling the property in question went to the city to get approval to start the conversion from a 2 unit to a 4.  I think it’s the use that has to get approved by the council.