Charm City Buyers NextGen Program

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I have been on 2 of their webinars and they seem very knowledgeable and sincere to me, although I have not met them or joined the program yet. They will be on the Rants & Gems podcast tonight on YouTube. 

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Hi. Has anyone heard of this group in Baltimore?  They have a mentorship program and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. 

Thanks in advance. 

May be worth a shot. Trust your instinct where possible - I do not know much about them but see their marketing. Make sure it doesn't suck you in or require a next tier level to get true value out of it...

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@Harry Carter I attended one of their webinars. They seem well informed, Im not sure about the projects that they have done though. They offer a program designed to take you from thinking about investing to owning your first property. If you are very new to investing this may be a good fit, keep in mind there is a feee for enrollment into the program, I dont want to give a way their program, but the fee didnt seem outrageous IF they are going to provide the services they claim they will. I didn't get to far with them because I wasn't interested in most of the services, I just wanted someone to help me navigate the area and to help me locate properties, the owner was supposed to call me back but they never did.